Review of ZQuiet Mouthpiece

I have been suffering from snoring for a year now. I may not be aware of it even now if it was not for my girlfriend who lives with me and she was the one to tell me one morning that I was producing terrible sounds at night. At first they were not really loud, but later they became simply unbearable and she had to wake me up and make me roll on the other side in order to stop this nightmare. I felt really ashamed of my condition and decided to start looking for solutions right away, I didn’t want to put my happy relationship in danger. I started my search from google.different-stages-of-sleep-apnea

The most popular device with a lot of reviews was an anti-snoring mouth piece. Without hesitation, I decided to buy one. Imagine my frustration when I found out it didn’t fit me! It was too little. So I proceeded my search. The other one I found fit me well, my my jaw hurt very much the next morning. So much that I could barely talk! I heard that they have this side effect, but hurting that much is mot normal. I was desperate and almost gave up my search until I came across this zquiet review. It is also a mouth piece, but it was different from the other ones and attracted my attention the moment I saw it. There were lots of reviews and the majority were positive ones, praising magical effect from using the mouth piece. I decided to give it a try, especially since I had nothing to loose. Besides, they offered a trial time for it only for 10 bucks and I would be a fool not to take it.

how-harmful-is-snoringOnce it was delivered to me, I decided to set it on the right position immediately. This was I would be sure there would not be any surprises at night. ZQuiet was nicely packed and there were 2 mouth pieces in the package to make sure one of them fits me well. In case I spoil or break one, I could use the second one. I enjoyed a material very much, it is soft and pleasant to hold and keep in the mouth. It is latex and BPA-free which is good for my health. I used a boil-and-bite procedure that is so familiar to me. I put the ZQuiet in in a glass with hot water, it softened and I put it in my mouth, bit a few times and thus set it in the right position for me. Then I put in a glass with cold water and it hardened. The fitting process was over. At night I put it in my mouth, the idea was to keep air passages in my mouth opened to make air circulation go smoothly.

The next morning I was very happy to see that I could talk easily talk and my girlfriend was happy too because she had a quality night’s rest.